2019: Imo APC Disowns Okorocha Over Son In-law’s Endorsement


The All Progressives Congress (APC) Imo State Chapter has distanced the Party from the endorsement of Uche Nwosu by the Governor, Rochas Okorocha, and other groups.

Nwosu is the son in law of the governor and Chief of Staff Government House. His open endorsement by Governor Okorocha has generated serious criticism.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP, APC chairman, Dr. Hillary Eke said the has no annointed candidate.

Eke said the Party has promised to provide a level playing ground and the enabling environment for all aspirants during primaries. He stressed that only candidate that emerged victorious will be supported by the Party and there will be no room for imposition of candidates at any level.

He cautioned those who are trying to do otherwise to have a rethink assuring that the Party will not condone imposition.

“We have promised all aspirants a level playing ground in the primaries, only those that emerged from the primaries will be supported by the Party. There will be no room for imposition of candidates those trying to do same are on their own”.

Dr. Eke Submitted that for now, the Party has not conducted its primaries and highlighted that it is only when such exercise is carried out; nobody has the right to claim candidacy of the Party. Indicating that there is no room for automatic ticket everybody will have to prove their mettle on the field.

“We have not conducted our primaries and in politics anybody has the right to adopt any aspirant of his choice and this is personal to that individual. This is strictly personal and has nothing to do with the Party as we have no candidate as I speak.’’

Dr Eke, however, explained that Okorocha’s endorsement of his son in law as possible successor was private and has nothing to do with the Party. Stressing that the Governor was speaking for himself and this has no bearing to the hope and aspiration of the Party.

While indicating that the Governor can decide to support any aspirant of his choice and stated that this is strictly private and not the Party’s position.

1 thought on “2019: Imo APC Disowns Okorocha Over Son In-law’s Endorsement

  1. Politics has also been turned to family affiars said by many people but my turn to this is, the Governor’s son inlaw also have the right to be voted for. Because the Governor is backing him up that shouldn’t be anything to be critized on, beside if he is not there to support him who will? Besides aren’t we the ones that alsways say “blood is thicker than water?”.

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